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Energy Sources: Wind

Aeolus, the ancient god of winds: it is from him that we get the name for energy produced by moving air.
In certain places, the wind blows with such consistency and intensity that it merits the installation of huge rotating blades, which, through a generator, turn this force of nature into electricity.
The wind energy market has grown very fast in the past two decades, driven by progresses in technology, supportive policies and falling costs. Global installed wind capacity (both onshore and offshore) has increased from almost 24 Gigawatts in 2001 to over 823 Gigawatts in 2021.
Criticisms concern the aesthetic intrusiveness of the wind turbine, the necessary infrastructure for installation, and the alleged damage to local avifauna.
The considerable increase in the wind sector is mainly due to the construction of "wind farms", vast areas consisting of many turbines within the same infrastructure, which optimize costs and benefits.

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